About Us

Big Ass Equipment Rentals and Sales of Page, AZ is your local go to for all construction machinery and equipment needs in northern Arizona. We are a family-run heavy equipment rental and sales business, founded in 2021. We help locals as well as contractors from as far away as Blanding UT, Monument Valley, Kayenta, Tonalea, Tuba City, Kanab UT, Freedonia, and all sites in between.  Before opening this business, we had undertaken the job of building a store for another business we had only to find that there was no source for heavy equipment that could do the job other than bringing it 2.5 hours up from Flagstaff. It was for this reason that we decided to open an equipment rental business to help others get their projects done.

With about 140 pieces of "big ass" equipment we can supply the equipment you need. We do have some little stuff as well, but it is the toughest little stuff we can find. Tired of having to have equipment brought all the way from Flagstaff? Look no further! We have what you need right here in Page. If you need the right equipment for the job, give us a call at (928)645-4945